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Penile massage or penile physiotherapy is a topic under-researched or undiscovered by researchers, due to which literature is very rare to be found on the internet. But its experience-based reviews from patients are miraculously pleasant.


With only massage, without any other therapy, it benefits upto 30-40% in the following conditions:

  1. Increase in size and width
  2. Decrease in curvature
  3. Helps in reducing the effects of Peyronie’s disease
  4. Nourishes nerves by increasing blood flow
  5. Increases blood supply of glans penis
  6. Helps in having a good-quality hardness

Pre Requisites of Massage


Washing your penis rather than cleaning it with tissue after urination is recommended.

Make a habit of shaving accessory hairs after every 10 days.

Circumcision is mandatory in many religions it has a scientific logic behind its practice; the area under the foreskin is hard to clean which results in producing a bad odor and infection. circumcision is highly recommended, maintaining good hygienic habits in the otherwise situation is necessary.


Try to have a private space. In most cases, a washroom is preferred by individuals.


Any natural oil for massage can be used. It would be better if it is slightly warm. Commonly available and cheap oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and mustard oil can be used.

Kegel Exercise (OPTIONAL)

It will be better to do kegel exercises for PME should be done before the massage, it will cause increased blood flow and will give supportive and enhanced results.


The direction of massage will be away from the body so that the fresh blood is squeezed towards the glans/ head. Start with the root of the penis and pull it outwards gently. Sometimes the penis is pulled inward by the body, an effect called turtling. It will help in regaining the natural form.

Massage of the shaft and glans/head will be done with a kneading massage technique with gentle pressure instead of massaging by making a ring with fingers called jelqing, which results in injuries.

Time and Duration

In the initial phase, start by doing it twice daily, for 4-5 minutes, and then you can do it once daily after 1-2 months. After 4 months you can decrease the frequency of massage to 2-3 times a week. it’s better to do it before going to sleep at night so that the oil will remain there for the whole night.


If the procedure is painful, don’t try it and consult with Urologist for your complaint. The good consistency of the penis for massage is in a semi-erect position. If you have an erection during massage wait for some time till the penis is relaxed and avoid masturbating. If you want to wash your penis after a massage, do it with warm water. Try to avoid using cold water so that it will cause shrinkage of vessels and will kill the purpose of massage by doing the opposite of it.

Miracles happens with patience and consistency

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