7 Ways to treat the common cold at home

man with common cold

What is a common

The common cold is an infection of your respiratory tract caused by Rhinovirus, which causes symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, body ache, runny nose, and headache.

As it is a viral disease, it will resolve by itself in 7 days in an adult and can take 14 days in children.

Following are some remedies that can be used with some rest, at home to reduce the symptoms and fasten the recovery.

1. Steam Inhalation

Steam Inhalation with warm tap water for 5 minutes thrice daily will help in reducing the symptoms of cough, sore throat, and nasal congestion. You can add a little amount of salt for some added benefits.

Use it with caution in children, they can harm themselves with warm water, so they should perform this procedure under the supervision of their parents.

steam from water

2. Vapor Rub

Applying any available vapor rub on the chest and neck will help you in relieving your cough and will improve the quality of your sleep. Some children may not tolerate it due to its pungent smell.

vapor rub balm

3. Gargles

Gargling with lukewarm water, with the addition of a little amount of salt will help in relieving the symptoms of sore throat and irritation of the throat.

boy doing gargles

4. Honey

Honey is considered a remedy for many diseases for many centuries. It also has beneficial effects in treating the common cold. You can take it, mixed in lukewarm water, or can use it in its original form.

Avoid using honey in children less than 1 year, it can cause botulism in them.


5. Increase in fluid intake

In the common cold, patients usually avoid the intake of fluids or food due to painful swallowing, which causes dehydration and less strength to fight the virus. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water even a few sips, but frequently.

You can have soup, broth, coffee, or tea these will further help in boosting your immunity and soothing your throat.

man drinking water

6. Herbal Tea

You can use green tea or mixed herbal tea like Joshanda as several studies show that these are quite helpful in reducing the symptoms of the common cold and helping in boosting your immunity.

mix herbal tea

7. Lozenges

These are easily available at the stores and are used to temporarily reduce throat irritation and cough.


Normally the common cold completes its course of disease and resolves by itself but in a few cases it causes severe symptoms. In that case, consult your doctor for a proper checkup.

Use face masks and wash your hands frequently to avoid its spread to others.

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